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The Social Academy (TSA) is an A-Z accelerated business program to teach you how to build a thriving online business using Instagram 

online course + group coaching

Build a business that works for you?

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Situation Two:

Is there so much to learn about Instagram that you don't know where to begin? So you post here and there and wait for someone to reach out to you. All you hear are crickets. Then your confidence and momentum start to dwindle. At this point, giving up feels like a good option, but you want to build your dream business so badly, so you're still holding on. You're wondering if selling on Instagram is possible for you.

You are ready to leave your 9-5 job. You have an idea of what kind of business you want to build, but it feels scary. You don't even know if anyone is going to buy it. Making that leap feels nerve-wracking, but you know you're meant for more. It's the "how," the part you don't know.

If any of the scenarios resonated with you then YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. I've been where you're at, and that's why I've created "The Social Academy." I want to help women to be on the right path to building their online businesses make more money, have more freedom, and create the life they love.

Situation one:

Any of these situations resonate with you?

time to get unstuck. take more action.

 Don't know where start on Instagram to market your business?

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It’s a group coaching program with live Zoom calls. This is an opportunity to be in a virtual room with like-minded business owners supporting your goals and dreams.

TSA will teach you how to create content to attract your ideal clients using Instagram. In addition, we will touch on other topics, such as mindset, habits, time management, and how to create systems that work for you and your business.

A program to get you on the successful path to building your side hustle or Be a full time entrepreneur

What is TSA?

You hold yourself accountable for your own actions and outcomes

You're willing to do work even when faced with challenges

Go-getters with a NO EXCUSE  attitude

Want to start a side hustle business

Ready to turn your side-hustle into a full-time gig

Willing to play the long game and are not looking for over night success

Who woulD be the right fit for TSA:

For service-based business owners who want to build an online business and market it on Instagram.

Who TSA is for?

Gen B.

"I thought I had it figured out to run a small business. I realized there was so much I didn’t know. Sheng helped me understand the areas I need to work on to reach my business goals, and I saw results during the program. She encouraged me to dig deep and use my skills to become the leader I didn’t know I was. I am still using the tools she has taught me every day."

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Audrey H.

I am pleased with my coaching services with Sheng. She was flexible, supportive, and professional. She helped me to see how the challenges I have in my life are affecting my business. I felt seen and heard. I highly recommend Sheng.

Brought a holistic approach!

REVIEW NO. 2 of 2

  • Have a step-by-step game plan to follow. No more guessing!
  • Feel more confident showing up on Instagram.
  • The word “algorithm” doesn’t feel like a foreign language anymore. 
  • You’ve just booked your first client (and more) 

what if, three months from now, your business could look entirely different?

Are you ready to finally level up?

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How to create a long term success plan for your online business

Mindsets and habits that lead you to success and growth

Create content that converts your followers to clients

Systems and processes that helps your business flow so you can stay consistent 

How to start an online business  (or side hustle) using Instagram

Learn how to build a personal brand to attract your ideal clients


The social Academy

This Course is For You if You... 

not sure?

  • Have zero experience and no clue to  where to start
  • Have a busy life (like most adults)
  • Want to work from anywhere and make more money
  • Want to create more impact in the world
  • Want more time to do the thing you love (eventually)

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Have a step-by-step Plan on how to launch your business 

game plan

Taking full Responsibility of your choices and Energy


Show your face on Instagram and do the hard things



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Are you ready to launch your dream business (or side hustle)?

Working together we created new beliefs that served her, implemented a fee structure, and a social media marketing strategy. Clients are now coming to her instead of Jennifer looking for them and the book studies are booked out.

The results

She lacked the confidence to charge for her services even though her free clients were getting results. Her belief, "I need more experience to ask for money." 

The challenge

A life coach that helps moms gain back their identity after having kids through life coaching and book studies. 

About Jennifer

 “ I went from Offering free sessions to booking clients at $2000."


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