hello ladies!

I didn’t always have this life where I got to pursue my curiosities and work with other women entrepreneurs to build profitable online businesses, and pave the way for future generations.

How I got here was definitely not a straight path. It consists of a lot of twists and turns. In fact, I thought I found my dream job a long time ago, working for the health department. Working at the top level, I was going to create a real impact, but it only turned out that I attended meeting after meeting.

A Hmong girl, mom, wife, photographer, and business strategist with big dreams.

Hey there! 

I’m Sheng Herr

I knew I was meant for "more", more than sitting at cubicle. I wanted more fulfillment, joy, and of course, to create a bigger impact in the world. So, I had a decision to make: go to grad school or start my own photography business.

Little did I know that a camera my husband gifted me would kick off my entrepreneurial journey and the key to the life I’ve always wanted. I make my own decisions, go wherever I want, whenever I want (no more checking if I have enough vacation hours and getting them approved). 

Tomorrow is not promised. stop living in the "what ifs".

Don't do it alone. 

 Let's do it together..

I also realized that so many  women out there, just like me, are meant for SO MUCH more.

starts with one tiny step at a time!

Do you know what gets me excited? When I get to help women finally take charge of their own lives, build the business they love, and create space to do all the other things on their bucket lists. Years from now, all I want is for the ladies that I've impacted to realize they've made the best decision by you betting on themselves, and now they're living it up.

Seeing women stepping out of their own way to create massive results in their businesses, it's what keeps me showing up. Empowering them to shake things up and create a legacy they (not their family) are proud to leave behind.

The ability to use your voice, share your opinions and make decisions that align with your values and beliefs. 


The 50/50 balance is a myth.  we have our own version of what life looks like.FIND THE BALANCE THAT WORKS FOR YOU.


You're in charge of your own success. No one is going to create it for you. Define what your success looks like and build it.


What I Value

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Coffee is overrated (just saying). Daily self-care for me is a warm cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other.

korean TEa

soothing. calm.

My obsessions...

These four human beings are why I chase my dreams even when it feels impossible. The ones I get to create this beautiful life with.

My  little family

my why

My obsessions...

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A total bookworm! No seriously! I told my husband to gift me 25 books for Christmas. I would unwrap each book a day until we got to Christmas. I’m still waiting. 


secret weapon to
becoming wiser

My obsessions...

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When I was six years old, I asked my mom if she could get me new pair of Barbie sneakers. She said she couldn’t, and I had to take care of the pair that I currently have. My parents got paid minimum wage raising seven kids in America, a country they knew nothing about. I was sad, but I also understood. I grabbed my worn sneakers, a bucket of soapy water, and a brush and headed to the back porch. Under the hot sun, I scrubbed my sneakers with tears streaming down my face and promised to always go after what I wanted because no one would give it to me.



The "how" was the part I had to figure out. I had no one that looked like me to show me the way. In the Hmong culture, women have no power to make decisions and are not allowed to use their voices. Girls are raised to take care of their future husbands and their families. There was no path to follow.

Here’s what I did...

I took lessons, advice, and tips I’ve learned from teachers, mentors, coaches, books, and random people I found on the internet. I put them together like a jigsaw puzzle to get to where I wanted to go. It looks messy, some pieces look out of place, and there are still some missing pieces. The process is not perfect, but it’s doing what it needs to do: create the person I want to become to build the life I want.

My purpose is to help show other women who look like me or are in a similar situation that it’s possible. We can be the author of our life stories. It doesn’t need to be cosigned by our parents, community, or culture. 

All the details

I believe as a creator, it's our job to share what we've learned (and not keep it a secret) in hopes to help someone do what they've always wanted to do. So I'm sharing the apps, tools, and books that have helped me build my business and life. My hope is that it will help you to build your own dream business.

to help you get started.

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