Here’s my Monday note to my fellow entrepreneurs…

As entrepreneurs we attend seminars, workshops, buy another course and the list goes on and on so we can learn and grow.

But this is what happens…

We come back and we’re so overwhelmed with the information. We put it to the side, never look at the information, and we go back to our old habits. I’ve done it before myself. So why even bother investing our money and our time. 

Let yourself practice what you just freakin learned.Test it, make tweeks, and retest it.

When I started my photography business I attended a few photography workshops and I noticed they were teaching the same thing, but just differently. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just wasn’t getting me where I needed to be, but I’ve only got myself to blame. I wasn’t taking the time to evaluate my business and see what I really needed. 

When I finally stepped back and evaluated what I needed to grow as a photographer and what my business needed to flourish these were my decisions:

  • Will not take another workshop that focused on the business side of photography (I mean I already took 2 workshops, just needed to take some actions)
  • Invested money into learning about lighting and posing so I can make my clients look and feel great
  • Upgraded the programs and softwares I was using to give my clients a better customer experience 

Letting yourself practice what you’ve learned only gives you clarity on what works for your business and what doesn’t. Because the next thing you invest your money into is only going to fill the blanks in your business. 

I mean who has money to throw away, when starting a business you don’t even have money to start with. 








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