I remember when I started on the entrepreneur journey I didn’t know what to expect. I was just following a few bloggers. Their lives seem so exciting, fun, creative, and they were working for themselves. I wanted exactly that. I didn’t have any entrepreneur friends to help me out, so learning along the way was the only option for me. Going through this entrepreneur journey I’ve learned a lot.

Today, I’m sharing with you my top 5 things I wish I knew when I started my own business.

1. It gets lonely. I’m being straight up honest here!! You go from working a 9-5 job that’s surrounded with people left and right. When you need to bounce of some ideas, you just walk to the next cube or set up a meeting with a group of people and start strategizing. Well in the entrepreneur world you don’t get to that. You have an idea and you ask yourself will it work? Only way you’ll know if it will work for your business is by trying it. You get lonely cause their are days when it’s just you and your computer, you and your kids, and you and just your husband. There’s no one to motivate you, no one to say you’ve done a good job, and no one to even have a conversation with you when take a break.

Here are my 3 ways to kick entrepreneur loneliness in the butt, click here.

2. You might grow apart from some of close friends. In the beginning all your friends are cheering you on, telling you to chase your dreams, you can do it, etc., but along the way during the entrepreneur journey you start to change, your perspective on life starts to change, the things that you use to irk you becomes trivial problems. So what happens? You start to surround yourself more with like minded people and those people may not include the friends you were once close with. It happens to all of us. We grow apart because we start to experience things that they don’t understand so the relationship just change. I’m not saying all your relationships with your close friends will change, but some will. You just got to accept it. I’m a firm believer that we go through many life experiences (good and bad) and those experiences give us an opportunity to filter who our true friends are. The ones that are truly your friends will always be there.

3. It’s not as easy as you think. You’re going to be following other entrepreneurs and you’re going to feel like their business is perfect. Well let me break it to you, no one got it easy. In the beginning of running your own business, you’re doing everything. You’re wearing so many hats. You’re feeling overwhelmed. You’re asking yourself, “Am I the only one feeling like this?” You’re not the only one. Every entrepreneur goes through this. Eventually you’ll make some money and pay someone to do some of things that you don’t love to do so you can focus on the things you’re good at.

4. You go through emotional roller coaster. There are days where you wake up and you’re like I could do this. There will be days you’re like wtf am I doing. Why don’t I just stick to what I know? There will be days you don’t want to roll out of bed. There will be days your to do list never ends. There will be days you feel like a bad-ass. You will feel like who I am to dream this big. Every stinkin entrepreneur goes through this. How do you control all of these emotions? Knowing your why. Your why will be your reason to wake up, do the work, and repeat day after day.

 Read this blog about having a WHY when it comes to running your business.

5. Sometimes giving up feels like a good solution. It’s hard work running your own business. You see the success of others and you want exactly that right now. So you don’t see instant results and you just want to give up. I know for sure you won’t give up. Why? Because you’ll be running back to the place where you didn’t want to be. The feeling of wanting to give up never leaves you, but you’ll learn quickly to shut it down, get back up. Your business will start to help you create the life you love, but you must nurture it so it can grow.

Honestly, some of these feelings never go away even when after you’ve become successful. We’re humans. But what really starts to happen is that you find better ways to handle the emotions, embrace whatever comes your way, and start to enjoy the journey.


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