Oh friend, you probably heard this before. What’s your WHY in running your business? Whats your WHY for working from home?

Tired of hearing it. I was when I started my photography business. I wanted to run a photography business because I wanted to make money. I mean who doesn’t. But over the years my WHYs have become my driving force.

I remember my very first meeting with my business coach. We didn’t talk about how to run a successful business. We talked about my reasons for running a business. She made me dug deep down inside to find my WHYs.

These are my WHYs….

  • I wanted to raise my son instead of putting in a daycare.

  • I wanted to have more freedom to travel and do whatever I wanted.

  • I didn’t want my vacation to be cut off based on the number of vacation hours I’ve earned at work.

  • I wanted to buy my dream home one day.

And I knew that I couldn’t do everything that I just listed working at a 9-5 job.

I know you’re probably thinking my WHYs is all about me and it is. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being selfish because these are my WHYs and I own it. It’s what motivates me everyday to show up and do what I need to do. I know my WHYs are not free to keep. To keep it, I must show up and do the work.

So I am asking you the same question, What is the real reason why you are running your business? It’s okay to be selfish, I just shared you my reasons.

Why do you want to work from home?

Why do you want to make a six figure income?

Why do you want more clients?

Why do you run your own business?

Right these whys on a white board, a post-it, or anywhere you can see it.

Let it be your driving force. Let it be your reasons to show up and do the work.

Let it be your motivator when you feel like there’s so much crap to do to run a business.

Let it be your force through the days when you doubt yourself.

Own your WHYs.

Here’s to finding your WHYs.





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