Do you fall into any of these categories?

Category #1: I want to start a business.

Category #2: I’ve started my business

Category #3: I want to grow my business.

Let me be real and honest with you! This is a tough-love kind of post.

It doesn’t matter what category you fall in, you must change these things to get started or even grow your business.

The things you must change to get UNSTUCK

#1. The way you talk about yourself! If you’re always telling yourself that you’re not smart enough. You will find every reason why you’re not smart enough.

You might even say things like, “Yeah, I’m not smart enough.” “I’m really stupid when it comes to that.”

Guess what? People will start to unconsciously treat you like that.

Give yourself credit, where it’s due.

#2. Your worth! You are worthy of everything you desire.

I forgot who said it, but they said “Know your worth and add tax.”

When you own your worthiness…

You know when someone is undervaluing you.

You know when someone is wasting your time.

You know when to set boundaries.

You know what to charge for your craft and services.

#3. You’re scared to talk about your special gift because you’re afraid people might perceive you as conceited.

Great news: Those who think you’re conceited are not your people.

You’ve just filtered out the people that shouldn’t be in your circle.

Talk about what you do. Talk about your passions. Talk about how great you are.

You deserved to be celebrated. No one is going to talk about you, your passion, or your business the way you do.

To be honest, these changes are not easy.

Changes are not meant to be easy. Growth (in biz or life) is meant to be uncomfortable. When you decide to embrace uncomfortableness and the unknown, that’s when the magic happens.

There it tough love for you.

Until next time!


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