What’s the “perfect” Instagram plan?

Many people get stuck looking for the perfect Instagram plan that doesn’t take a lot of work, less time, and is easy to implement. Oh, and they want success within 3-6 months.

Oh, and they want success within 3-6 months.

They’re looking for shortcuts. They’re searching for the quick hacks to beat the algorithm.

No IG blueprint doesn’t take work, feels hard, or promises a successful business. How do I know? I’ve taken courses and hired coaches to help me with my business, and each time it took me to get out of my comfort zone. I had to exercise mental muscles that I hadn’t used in decades.

The big secret…there is no Instagram plan that is a one-size-fits-all. There is no pricing model, sales system, or offer formula that works for everyone. For every client of mine, we created a business model that fits their personality, lifestyle, and feel in alignment with.

Now, do all successful businesses using Instagram have something in common? Yes!

The three things they have in common:

#1. Serve a specific niche

#2. Solve a problem

#3. Create content that speaks to their ideal audience.

This creates the like, know and trust factor.

So is there a perfect IG plan for your business… it depends on you. 

Are you willing to test out content to see what resonates with your audience?

Are you willing to stop serving everyone and serve just one niche?

Are you willing to do things that feel hard?

Because as a business strategist, I would never want you to copy my business model. I want you to find a model that fits you and your life.

And because I believe every business owner should have the skills to create their dream business without always relying on a coach. That puts you in the driver’s seat.

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