The responses I get when I tell people to show their faces on Instagram.

“I don’t want to show my face on Instagram.”

“I don’t like Instagram because I have to spend time connecting with people.”

“I just feel awkward because I don’t know what to say.”

I’m going to share some tips to help you feel LESS awkward showing up on Instagram.

Tip #1: Accept that being uncomfortable is part of creating and doing something new.

Tip #2: The only way to get comfortable is by doing.

Feeling uncomfortable + trying = results you want

Feeling uncomfortable + never trying = you will be waiting forever.

Tip #3 – Your body will naturally resist to keep you safe. It doesn’t know the difference between a tiger chasing you, or you’re just scared to show your face on IG. Your body just senses fear.

Tip #4: Preparation will help you feel less uncomfortable. For example, before going live on Instagram, have 1-2 things you will talk about.

One habit you can start practicing is putting yourself in a comfortable situation. Of course, not in a situation where you are in danger. I’m talking about short-term discomfort for long-term gain.

Test your uncomfortableness in other areas besides Instagram.

Some of the things I’m doing. I am practicing eating alone at a restaurant and conversing with people I do not know about the subject. All I am doing is being aware of my uncomfortableness.

One question to ask yourself:

How would my life and business look like if I stopped hiding and got comfortable being uncomfortable?

Would you be working with your dream clients?

Would you be creating the impact you want?

Would you be running your dream business?

Remember this, the path to self-growth (and getting comfortable with Instagram) is in discomfort.


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