I’m a straight shooter. So I am going to be real and honest with you right from the start. Building a business is 80% mindset, and 20% business strategies. You will face challenges that will make you want to quit, question if you’re good enough, and test if you want it bad enough.

Working with me does not guarantee success or grow your bank account. For the business and impact you want to create, YOU MUST SHOW UP AND DO THE WORK. I can only support, guide, and be the person to kick you in the butt. 


For service-based entrepreneurs who wants to build an online business Using Instagram

no excuses. it's go time!

there's no hand holding but there will be a lot of accountability

Anything in life is possible with a coachable attitude! 

A little about my coaching style, I promise to always show up 100% of the time. I give a mixture of tough love, grace, support, and space to be vulnerable. I believe anything is possible when you stop saying, “I don’t know.” and start saying, “I will figure it out.” Remember, you GET to build your dream business and create the life you want.

It would be an honor to work with you to create your business. You and I will get along well if you’re open-minded, willing to do the work, and have a no-excuse attitude..

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The Social Academy (TSA) is an accelerated business program to teach you how to build a thriving online business using Instagram. This signature course will teach you the who, what, and how to attract your dream customers, make money, and create impact all at the same time. 

online course + group coaching

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for the service-based Entrepreneurs

Akeisha D.

I was part of other group business programs and not getting my business idea off the ground. Sheng held me accountable for my direction, encouraged me, and pushed me to think bigger. I created and launched my first membership for dancers. It's much easier to go through the ups and downs when you have a coach cheering you on at every stage!"

Pushed me to think bigger

Chris S.

"Before working with Sheng, I was all over the place and didn't know where to start. I was trying to learn Instagram on my own but felt overwhelmed and frustrated with it. She helped me hone my focus and eliminate the noise, which helped me fast-track my business. I made changes not only in my business but in my life too."

Grateful for her

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Ready to level up for the next 6 months? Be in my back pocket and learn all of my strategies from marketing, selling, and my systems and processes to build a thriving business that supports your lifestyle. Plus, get endless (organic) lead-generating strategies and transformational mindset work.

for service-based business owners

1:1 Online Coaching

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All calls are done online and recorded. A schedule will be laid out before we start. This is where we dive deep into your business, address your biggest barriers, and strategize how to create your personal brand.

for service-base business owners

Zoom  calls

COnnect with sheng

I guide my clients through their decision-making. I want my clients to walk away from our sessions, feeling they have the tools, skills, and strategies to decide independently. If you’re looking for someone to give you the answers, solutions, or solve your problems, I’m not the coach for you.

for service-based business owners

support &

let's do this!

Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be ups and downs. I will always be there to cheer you on and send virtual hugs.

Here's the thing, vulnerability is part of the process. So, we must be the right fit for each other. If you've poked around my site and still love me, then we'll get along. If you're ready click the button below and let's chat!


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Gen B.

"I thought I had it figured out to run a small business, and I could do it on my own. I realized there was so much I didn’t know. Sheng helped me understand the areas I need to work on to reach my business goals, and I had results during the program. She encouraged me to dig deep and use my skills to become the leader I didn’t know I was. I am still using the tools she has taught me every day."

Feel supported

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Ruba E.

She helped me to identify my ideal client and made me think about aspects I had yet to consider before talking to her. This allowed me to strategize my Instagram content, customize my message, and promise accordingly. She's exceptional in the ways she shows up as a best friend, supporting me when needed and guiding me generously." 

Highly recommend her

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I believe as a creator, it's our job to share what we've learned (and not keep it a secret) in hopes to help someone do what they've always wanted to do. So I'm sharing the apps, tools, and books that have helped me build my business and life. My hope is that it will help you to build your own dream business.

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Don’t know what to say on your Instagram bio? Well, I got you. This “ Instagram Bio Kit” will tell you what you need on it, what to say, and why you shouldn't just pass over it. 

How to Boss Up Your IG Bio

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